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At Gelb & Gelb LLP, our criminal attorneys in Massachusetts have vigorously defended clients subjected to criminal prosecution at the state and federal levels for over 30 years. If you are facing criminal charges, it's imperative that you seek help from a legal team that will aggressively fight for you.

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How our Massachusetts Criminal Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

If you've been charged with a crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney with the right skills and experience for your case is vital. The criminal justice system in Massachusetts is complex, and you need a lawyer with extensive knowledge of both state and federal law.

At Gelb & Gelb LLP, our defense attorneys represent clients in a variety of criminal cases. Our Massachusetts law firm take on criminal charges related to:

White Collar Criminal Charges

  • Securities Fraud - We can defend you against accusations of deceptive stock market practices, including embezzlement, insider trading, and other illegal securities acts
  • Financial and Accounting Fraud - If you have been accused of manipulating financial statements or other forms of financial fraud, we can defend you
  • Business and Corporate Crimes - Whether you're facing charges for extortion, bribery, or identity theft, we can help you develop a defense plan
  • Tax Crimes and Fraud - Tax evasion and fraud charges are serious. We can help you employ strategies to protect yourself
  • Healthcare and Insurance Fraud - In Massachusetts, filing false insurance claims is a felony crime with harsh punishments. We can defend you if you are accused of false claims or any other type of insurance fraud.
  • Computer and Internet Crimes ("Cybercrime") - The world of cybercrime is new and always changing, and our Massachusetts defense lawyers always stay on top of new legislation to best protect your rights.
  • ERISA , Pension and Employee Benefits Violations - Violations of employee benefits such as ERISA can be punishable by steep fines under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Let our attorneys help you defend yourself against these charges.
  • Bank and Mortgage Fraud - Mortgage fraud is one of the most common white collar crimes in the U.S., with heavy penalties. If you have been accused of predatory lending, fraudulent appraisals, or any other form of bank and mortgage fraud, reach out to us for the best possible defense.
  • Intellectual Property Crimes - If you are charged with theft of intellectual property, you will likely need defense that is unafraid of standing up to a large corporation or other group. Our attorneys can provide that defense you need.
  • Forgery, Uttering and Counterfeiting - Penalties for counterfeiting or forgery in Massachusetts can include ten years to life in state prison, depending on the severity of the offense. If you are accused of forgery, you need the best defense possible to protect your freedom.

General Criminal Charges

  • Violent Crime - The state of Massachusetts defines violent crime as a criminal act involving physical force, weapons, or verbal threat of violence, with aggressive prosecutions and harsh penalties. If you have been charged with a violent crime, speak to our attorneys immediately.
  • Assault and Battery - If you get in a fight with or even offensively touch another person in Massachusetts without justification, you can be charged with assault and battery. Get our attorneys on our side if you are charged with assault and battery to help you prove necessity, duress, or self defense in your case.
  • Theft and Property Crimes - Known as larceny in Massachusetts, theft charges involve stealing or fraudulently obtaining another's property. If you are accused of theft or other property crimes, reach out to us for effective defense.
  • Drug and Narcotics Crimes - Whether you are accused or possession, distribution ,or trafficking of drugs, you can face a variety of legal punishments. These punishments can be enhanced if you are accused of selling to minors or using minors to sell drugs. Get the legal advantage against these charges by speaking to our defense lawyers.
  • Firearms and Weapons Offenses - The state of Massachusetts has some of the toughest firearm laws in the U.S., and those charged with weapons offenses often face aggressive prosecution and strong punishments. Our attorneys know how to fight back against these aggressive tactics by government lawyers.
  • Drunk Driving or OUI - Alternatively known as a DUI or DWI in other states, Massachusetts OUI laws include provisions for first and repeat offenders, drivers with child passengers, and underage OUIs which can drastically affect your sentencing. Our lawyers can defend you against OUI charges and work to protect your best interests.
  • Domestic Violence - Cases of domestic violence are treated differently from other criminal cases. Massachusetts has a mandatory arrest policies for 911 calls claiming domestic violence, and the power to drop charges rests solely on the prosecutor, not the claimant. Our attorneys can defend you throughout the process against domestic violence charges.
  • Restraining Order Applications and Violations - If you need to defend against an unfair restraining order application, or are accused of violating an existing order, our attorneys can help you.
  • Academic and Student Misconduct - Whether you are a student accused of plagiarism or a faculty member facing a Title IX investigation, reach out to us for comprehensive defense.

In addition to defending you against criminal charges, our attorneys can help you during your probation and parole hearings. We can also defend you if you are accused of violation your parole or probation.

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