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Gelb & Gelb LLP represents plaintiffs and defendants nationwide in complex business and securities litigation and arbitration. Our law firm's Massachusetts business attorneys have tried numerous cases before juries and judges in federal and state courts and in arbitration. Our attorneys are effective at advocating for clients when negotiating settlements and during mediation.n.

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Our Business and Securities Legal Services

Our attorneys have helped business owners and companies in a wide variety of litigation cases. We are well-versed in the unique issues faced by family businesses and established corporations alike.

Contract Disputes

We can help you enforce your contract if another party fails or refuses to complete their part, committing a breach of contract. We can also represent you if you need to enforce a restrictive covenant or noncompete agreements, or defend your business.

In addition, we can help you with any legal issues related to fiduciary relationships. Whether you are seeking damages or defense, we can represent you in your breach of fiduciary duty case.

Partnership and Joint Venture Disputes

We are experienced in legal matters related to partnership and joint venture agreements. We can help you resolve disagreements over business shares, commitment expectations, business expansions, and separations.

Business Torts

A business tort is defined as wrongful actions taken against a business with intent to cause harm.

Some common business torts include:

  • Tortious interference - Deliberate, unlawful interference with business relationships or contractual obligations
  • Unfair Competition - Where a business is disadvantaged unfairly compared to its competitors, either though applied conditions or the actions of competitors
  • Fraudulent Misrepresentation - Purposeful deception on behalf of a business for an unfair gain
  • Restraint of Trade - Actions limiting a business's ability to operate freely, such as limits to interstate trade

If harm has been done to your business, or you are being accused of harming another business, we can protect your best interests.

Trade Secret Litigation

Trade secrets are a valued form of intellectual property. Protecting trade secrets is a challenge, and in the age of the internet, trade secrets are even more vulnerable.

We are prepared to protect your trade secrets through litigation. We are also prepared to defend you if you are accused of participating in the stealing of trade secrets.

Corporate Raiding & Lift-Outs

"Employee raiding" and "employee lift-outs" both refer to a business hiring a large group of a competitor's employees away from that competitor. These lift-outs could lead to the affected business losing valuable talent, leaving them at an unfair disadvantage.

If your competitor is mass-hiring your employees, we can help you save your business from severe harm. We can also defend you if you are accused of engaging in this practice

Securities Liability

Securities law can be complex, potentially involving many different professionals. Any one person who commits a wrongdoing or breach of fiduciary duty can open themselves up to serious litigation.

We have experience in liability cases involving:

  • Broker-Dealers
  • Investment Advisers
  • Financial Planners
  • Insurance Agents
  • Directors
  • Officers
  • Accountants

Whether you have found neglect or wrongful securities actions or need defense against negligence or malpresentation claims, we can help.

Securities and Investment Fraud

Fraud accusations can quickly become legally complicated, and come with serious charges.

Some examples of securities and investment fraud include:

  • Ponzi & Pyramid Schemes - New investments are used to pay earlier investors, rather than any actual funds being earned through the business
  • Advance Fee Schemes - Small advance fees are provided with the promise of larger repayments, which are never given
  • High Yield Investment Frauds - Investment opportunities offering false promises of high return with low or no risk

No matter what side of a fraud case you are on, we have the experience to help you. We can work with you if you have been the victim of securities fraud or are facing accusations.

Arbitration and Mediation

In addition to litigation, we regularly mediate and arbitrate business and securities disputes. We can help you work with the American Arbitration Association or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. We also regularly represent clients at private company mediations.

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